Artist Statement

I live in the north, where the sun is a rare visitor. The grey sky and the people in dark clothes is what I see most often. Therefore, in my paintings I use bright colours, they give me life. They give me air.

Everything around is changing fast, that is why I create different types of pictures. When I used to paint oil paintings, time went more slowly. These days people live in a hurry without rest and pauses. Now I use acrylic, it dries quickly. I like to watch it dry. The present moment instantly becomes the past. Time speeds up.

Every day when I read the newspaper, I find an article about loneliness. Loneliness in a population of more than 7.5 billion people! That is why there are a lot of faces in my paintings. When they look at me, partially covering the dead white walls, I become less lonely.

There are aliens in my works, I believe that we are all aliens. I like to draw space and stars and unite them with people. I also am interested in numbers and they are present in some of my works. Numbers are always accurate and honest. I use scientific articles as an inspiration and convey them visually. Any event that I see I use as inspiration.

For me personally, black and white are colours. White makes me stop when the black pulls inside. White is an empty wall of despair, and black is the night hiding them. White I always want to add, black is something that I will never be able to convey. However, the brightly coloured paints around them is me, it is us, it is life, the present moments of life. I never make sketches, I give free reign to the subconscious.

Everything around us is inexplicably connected, as one human life with the universe.

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