BERLIN SOUP International Arts Festival to be held in Athens helen kholin helenkholin

Athens, Greece, June 4 – June 11, 2016.

Everywhere, our lives & histories small & large are mythologies open to interpretation,
and it is for artists & performers to continue defining these journeys of naming and magic stories for a public hungry for wellness.
Mythologically speaking too, fairytales & mythology are our daily signs reaching for outer spaces of sorcery & passion always under construction as magical foundations of art & communication spoons stirring the human condition into renewal & serendipity.

We see Art as mythologies of the soul traveling in the mind & constructing their own heroism and definitions of what it means to be intuitively inventive in a Now open to rebirth as style and, at the same time, responsible for the Future.

As co-curators of the BERLIN SOUP, we welcome this opportunity to explore what is common to all mankind and still mysterious & New as we Imagine.