Min søns tegninger + Lidt af min fantasi
Og så har vi hjulpet en person, fra galakse MCG+01-02-015, gynger under stjerne, ser en stjerneregn, mødes med en fisk og en hund.
Galakse MCG+01-02-015 er mest isolerede og ensomme i Universet.

“In the foreground, the spiral arms of MCG+01-02-015 seem to wrap around one another, cocooning the galaxy. The scene suggests an abundance of galactic companionship for MCG+01-02-015, but this is a cruel trick of perspective. Instead, MCG+01-02-015’s unsentimental naming befits its position within the cosmos: It is a void galaxy, the loneliest of galaxies.

The galaxy is so isolated that if our galaxy, the Milky Way, were to be situated in the same way, we would not have known of the existence of other galaxies until the 1960s.”
Spiral Galaxy MCG+01-02-015 – The Loneliest of Galaxies

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